Know the Ways to Pass Hair Drug Test

Hair drug test is known by multiple names like hair test, hair follicle drug test, hair drug test, hair analysis drug test, hair drug screening, hair sample drug test, and so on and so forth. However the strategies for passing them are the same in all cases. But when it comes to the candidate concerned, he or she will have only one pertinent question; how to pass a hair sample drug test.

Use of Quality Detox Products

Prospective candidate passing drug test will have a couple of options to choose from. First; he or she can go for some of the home made remedies. However the results are never assured and though their use might reduce the drug affects to some extent, they can never completely eliminate the drug traces from human anatomy. This leads to the second and more effective option of using some quality detox products like Ultra Klean Hair Detox Shampoo, or Ultra Klean total Detox products that gives the effective answer about how to pass a hair follicle drug test in short time and effectively.

Factors You Should Know to Pass Hair Drug Test

There are certain factors that one should know to pass hair drug test are basically about the drugs that are traced by such tests. The question is quite complicated but there are numerous variations of the drug tests. However, the most pronounced detection revolves round five major drugs as well as four major drug groups. The five major drugs are –

  1. PCP
  2. Marijuana
  3. Amphetamines
  4. Cocaine
  5. Opiates

There are numerous variations of the drugs and their groups but knowing the basics will help learning how to beat a drug test and the course of action to be taken in this regard.


Planning to Face the Test

Facing the drug test requires effective planning on the part of the candidate and it includes all types of tests from saliva and urine tests through urine, blood, skin, sputum and hair follicle drug tests. Planning ahead will especially come handy when the question is how to pass a drug test in 2 days or even less time. It is also important knowing about the drug detection times that could be in the range of just 2=3 hours in case of saliva tests through up to 90 days or more in case of hair drug tests.


Candidates should remember that hair on the head grown at the rate of approximately half inches monthly and since the drug test is restricted to 1 ½ inches closer to the scalp which means the detection time is around 90 days. But quality detox products can still remove the traces much earlier than that.


Best Shampoo for Hair Drug Test

if you are trying to detox your hair to pass a hair follicle drug test make sure you purchase the right shampoo for your detox washes, we recommend the Macujo Method approved Macujo Aloe rid Shampoo, this is the only shampoo that offers a money-back guarantee. look at the reviews on Amazon and eBay

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