Mike’s Macujo Method

mike's macujo method - hair detox

Mike’s Macujo Method is proven as the most effective hair detox

you can use and is the only one that will help you pass a drug test. With this method, you will permanently remove drugs from hair so you can pass drug test situations.

This is the only method that works to make sure you will pass a hair follicle drug test regardless of the kind of drugs you used. The mike macujo method also works for even heavy users because it uses real hair detox shampoos instead of masking agent products.


The drug testing process continues to evolve, so we make sure our method is up to date to ensure your success with it.

Mike’s Macujo method is constantly being tested and updated to maintain its 99.9% success rate in spite of these technological testing advances.


Because this method is a permanent solution to getting rid of drugs from hair, you are guaranteed to pass a hair follicle test. Using any other method will cause you to fail the drug test.

Removing drugs from your hair takes careful attention and you need to make sure you follow all the directions as recommended. Online video resources as well as customer service by phone are available to help answer any questions you have.

Highly Recommended

It worked!! I spoke to Mike for advice and followed his recommendations for heavy use of marijuana. He advised me to do 10-15 washes. After 13 washes, I used the home testing kit and sent to the lab. I received the results 5 days after the lab received my sample. I was thrilled to learn that I passed! Now, I am no longer concerned about passing my employment testing.
Thank Mike! 

Kelly P.


Daily weed smokers successfully passed hair follicle tests by using Mike’s Macujo Method, saying they knew they wouldn’t have passed without using this detox method and macujo aloe rid or nexxus shampoo.

Hard drug users also had great success with this method and stated that mikes macujo customer service is very informative and helpful.

They felt completely prepared to pass their tests and they were grateful for this method and the products that actually helped them beat their drug tests.

Because of the washes macujo method, even users that had short notice of an upcoming drug test (12-30 days) were able to get their hair clean so they could pass the tests.


Recommended shampoos for the Mike's Macujo Method

Macujo Aloe Rid or Nexxus Aloe Rid can be used with mikes macujo method. Only these shampoos will work to completely get rid of any drug toxins in your hair.

Macujo aloe rid and the nexxus shampoo have been formulated to not mask drug toxins in your hair, but to totally remove them. These drug detox shampoos are made with natural ingredients, including aloe, in a potent formula that works for all drug users, no matter what.

Using Mikes Macujo method is your only guaranteed drug detox method to pass hair drug tests. When you use this method, you are getting the only proven effective products and detox hair method to help you beat the test. If you use any other method to try and clean your hair, you will fail your upcoming test, so don’t put yourself at risk.

We stand behind mikes macujo detox method and the macujo aloe rid and nexxus aloe rid shampoos and we are certain you will pass hair follicle test for drugs after using this process.