Saliva Drug Detox

If you have a saliva test coming up, know that these tests can only offer a short detection time for drug use. Oral swab tests are taken with you in plain view, so they are not east to tamper with on the spot. This is where a little prep work comes in on your part. You can use a detoxifying mouthwash that totally removes toxins from your spit for a short time so you can pass your test.

best saliva detox products


Detox mouthwash

Beating a saliva drug test is simple and easy with the use of a strong detox mouthwash. The Supreme Klean Saliva detox mouthwash is safe and effective to be used at the test site just before your test. You can swish the mouthwash and then your saliva will be free of drug toxins for the next 30 minutes. As you near the 30 minute mark, the cleansing effects of the mouthwash will begin to wear off. Keep in mind then, that once the mouthwash wears off, drugs will again be detectable in your spit. We recommend that you take two bottles of this with you to your test site to make sure you are covered with your detox for the test.


In addition to the mouthwash, you can also use Supreme Klean Saliva Pre-Cleanse tablets. These are good for use on a daily basis as well as to be used on the day just before your test is scheduled. It is best to use the tablets along with the mouthwash if you are a heavy drug user because they will give you an extra boost to detox your saliva. You cannot detox your spit enough with just the tablets though. They are not potent enough to completely remove the drugs from your system on their own.


Test kits for home

Testing your saliva at home with a test kit makes it easy to know what drugs are detectable in your spit. Use an Oral 10-cube panel test kit before your oral swab test time so you are aware of which drugs are showing up. With this test kit, the instructions are step by step to help you understand what to do. This way, you can tell whether you need to detox more with tablets as well as using the detox mouthwash in order to pass your test.


Saliva drug testing is super quick and easy to pass. The main thing to remember when using detox products to pass a saliva test is that you need to watch the timing of when you use your detox items. Tablets can be used any day, but are especially important the day prior to your test. Again, they need to be used with the mouthwash for them to work effectively to completely remove drugs. Detox mouthwash options must be used within 30 minutes of your test for it to work for you. Detoxifying your saliva is fast, easy, and affordable, so make sure you are prepared with the best drug detox products available online today!