Urine Drug Detox

Urine Drug Detox

Urine drug testing may be requested of you at any point for employment and legal purposes. In order to properly detoxify your urine from drugs, you need to be sure you are using detox options that have a record of success for drug users. These include detox drinks and tablets. For another simple way to beat a urine test, you can also use a replacement synthetic urine product.


Ultra Klean detox drinks and Tablets

urine detox drinksDetoxification drinks are an easy way to get rid of drugs in your system. You simply drink your Ultra Klean drink, refill the bottle with water and drink that. You need to repeat this process two or three times within a 45 minute time span to make sure that all the drugs will be gone from your urine. Drug toxins will be completely gone from your system for up to four hours.


You can also use Fast Flush chewable tablets that will help you to detox your urine. You must take all of the tablets on the day of your test and flush your system with water to ensure that your urine is clear of drugs.


Detox tea is another option to use that is 100% natural and made of refreshing detoxifying herbs. This tea works to clean your urine from drugs, but is also a good choice for a simple daily detox. You can drink this tea every day, but to make sure all of the drugs are removed from your system, we still recommend you drink the Ultra Klean drinks on the day of your urine drug screen.


Home test kits

At home test kits can help you see what drugs are showing up in your urine before you get to your test. Using a home test kit is a good idea so that you can be even more prepared for your test. By testing your urine at home, it allows you to help know how much more detoxing you may need to do before your test time arrives.


Synthetic urine kits

If you don’t have time or don’t want to detox your urine or bother with an at home urine test kit, you can also use an Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit. This kit comes ready to be heated and used for your test. Using this synthetic replacement product is a good choice because it is formulated to test like real human urine. This means that it is identical to human urine in temperature, color, and proteins. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to use this replacement product to pass your test.


Water is definitely a helpful part of the process of detoxing your urine, but it will not detox you enough it on its own. The use of detox drinks and tablets or synthetic urine gives you reliable and effective ways to quickly detox your urine for a test so you can pass. These products work to eliminate all kinds of drug toxins from your urine, making them the simplest and surest way to pass a test on urine as a drug user.