Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine by Ultra Clean®

  • -Mixed and ready to just shake and go
  • -No product recalls
  • -Works for both men and women
  • -Over 20 years of production with positive results
  • -Complete kit includes synthetic urine, heat pad, squeeze bottle, rubber band
  • -Made with the most superior quality ingredients including uric acid and urea


The best large complete fake urine kit available online is by Ultra Klean and is the 4oz Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit. The synthetic urine is lab tested and approved and comes pre-mixed.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine by Ultra Clean®


This kit comes with a larger size of the product at 4 oz. You will not have to worry about what to do because this kit contains everything you need to pass any drug test. As it is unisex and works for anyone, this kit comes with Heat Factory heat pads, a silent squeeze bottle, and the easy to use pour spout cap.

When this urine is tested in a urine drug screen, it will show up just like human urine. The instructions included are very easy to follow and will help you pass your drug test.

This urine product can be stored for up to three full years at room temperature. Since you do not have to freeze, thaw, or mix anything, the Ultra Pure urine kit is the best and easiest to use kit that you will find online. You can successfully pass an upcoming urine drug test with Ultra Pure’s kit. We are so sure that you will love this product that there is a 500% manufacturer’s money back guarantee!


Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit instructions:


  1. Shake contents in bottle and then place in microwave and heat for 10 seconds.
  2. Shake the heat pad provided and attach it to the bottle with the rubber band – store as desired.

*The temperature strip on the front of the bottle should read at 90-100 degrees, which is the required temperature range.

  1. Your Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit is ready to be used.


If you do not have a microwave nearby, you can leave the heating pad on the bottle for about 45-60 minutes to get to the necessary temperature of 90-100 degrees.