Hair Drug Detox – Cleanse your Hair From Drug Toxin Metabolites

Hair Drug Detox - Cleanse your Hair From Drug Toxin Metabolites

Have an upcoming hair test for drugs? This is a common test that many drug users will face at various points in employment situations or legal times. The Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo is fully detoxifying and will totally get rid of any toxins from drugs in your hair. Hair tests can be tricky to beat because they can detect drug use for up to three months. With Macujo aloe rid though, you can still beat a drug test even if you have used recently. There are other shampoos available; however they will not work as effectively as macujo aloe rid.

How to remove metabolites from hair

When drugs are ingested, the body breaks them down. They are then carried through the bloodstream and eventually make their way into the hair follicles. Drug metabolites are the result of the drugs being broken down and metabolizing into other substances.

These toxins become embedded in the hair follicles and can cause users to fail their drug tests.  Hair follicle drug testing is a very accurate way to track habitual drug use. Users should be prepared for a hair drug test at any time because employers are now using this as the most common way to test their employees for drug use. To be prepared for drug tests at any time, users must use the proper hair detox method and detox shampoo that works for any type and amount of drug.

Users need to make sure that they completely remove drug metabolites from hair because this is how to get a pass on a drug test for hair. Hair detox shampoo is specifically made to remove toxins like drugs from hair follicles, which is why using regular shampoo doesn’t work to get your hair clean enough to pass a hair test. Using a regular shampoo cleans the outer layer of the hair strands, but it doesn’t penetrate the hair enough to clean the inner layers of drug toxins.

Hair testing involves testing opening the follicle to get to the inner layer, so all of the hair must be cleansed. There are other cleansing methods users have tried to get rid of drugs from their hair however, these do not work effectively like using Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo. Methods like bleaching the hair or trying to detoxify the body naturally over time have caused users to fail drug tests because these are inadequate ways to clean hair of drugs.

Hair Detox Shampoo

You need to use this shampoo during your Macujo Method process because this method goes through the steps to make sure your hair is properly cleaned from the drugs. This method has proven to help thousands of drug users pass hair tests. Another benefit of this method and using this shampoo is that it works for any drug user. Light to heavy drug users of any kind of substances have all had success at passing hair tests using these options.


This product is the potent and well-made option you need to pass drug tests on hair. Several other products on the market claim to clean your hair entirely, but they are fake and do not work. Using the potent blend of ingredients in Macujo detox shampoo along with the method properly is guaranteed to help you pass your test or you can get your money back.


Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo

Macujo Aloe Rid Detox ShampooIn comparison, the macujo aloe rid is a more affordable option than the original Aloe Rid. It is also made in a bigger bottle size of six ounces, to get you more product for your money. The original detox aloe rid is effective, but the Macujo detox shampoo is the overall best option available. The original version aloe rid was very drying and damaging to the hair, but the macujo shampoo is made to strip drug toxins from your hair without completely damaging it. You do need to watch out for fake products that make claims to help get rid of drugs from your hair. This is again, another reason why it is best to use a researched and potent shampoo that works like macujo aloe rid.


The Macujo Method Detox Washes

drug metabolite detox hair washesIf you need information on how many washes you need to do on your hair depending on your drug use, this information is available to you on the Macujo website. What’s also cool is that they have instructional videos on exactly what you need to do to help you get passed your hair follicle test.


In our advice, it is best to not take drug tests lightly because failing them can have lasting negative effects for you. Drug tests can be required for many reasons, but detoxing your hair can be done successfully regardless of your drug use. You can be on your way to completely detoxifying your hair with Macujo Aloe Rid and Mike’s Macujo Method to make sure you pass any drug test you face.