Can I be Tested for Marijuana in States Where it’s Legalized?

Marijuana is legal in over thirty states. Although it may be legal in your state, employers may still test you for it. Legalizing marijuana is causing lots of confusion for people because even though it is legal in some states, it is still illegal by federal law. This can make it tricky for users when it comes to employment. Employers are still able to decide if they want to practice no tolerance policies with drug use, so this makes it that they can test you for weed use regardless of whether it is legal.


What the employers are trying to determine with drug testing is not so much if you are using weed at all, but if you are using it while on company time. This means that use during company time would be the problem, not that you actually used marijuana. Employer drug policies are often put into place because they get discounts with insurance premiums and because it is a way for them to help control workplace safety. It is a common thought among some employers that drug use automatically decreases productivity or safety among employees, which is part of the reason there are zero tolerance drug policies.


Medical marijuana can be an exception to testing for employers since there are medical reasons for the usage. It is important to make sure your employer is provided with any medical documentation regarding your medical marijuana use to help try and avoid negative interactions. Understand that medical marijuana is a newer practice and some employers are still figuring out what that means for their companies. Be aware that your employer may get an attorney involved for medical marijuana policies to determine what practices they will follow.


There is still a lot to be learned when it comes to weed drug testing and legalization. If you are a drug user and might face a THC drug test, there are products you can use to help quickly detox your body from marijuana. These include total body cleansing kits, detoxifying drinks, and detox shampoos designed to help you completely remove drugs from your hair.


The bottom line is this: make sure you know the laws for marijuana where you live as well as what your employer’s policy is on drug use. You cannot assume that because marijuana is legal in a state that you will not be tested for using it. This can be frustrating and confusing, but you need to be careful with your weed use depending on your employment.


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